Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cyclists Need to Incorporate MUFA’s In Their Diet

Every cyclist is trained since the start of their career to take carbohydrate-rich diet but they take almost zero calories in the form of good fats. Before moving on, I must make it clear that not all fats are bad for health. But the accumulated belly fat is certainly a killer. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that there is no way out and you have to live with it. You can break free of the bad fat circle without ever compromising your lifestyle. If you are cycling for weight loss, adding MUFA’s in the diet will speed-up fat burning. There is a cure to that terrible waistline and the treatment is abbreviated as MUFAs. The monounsaturated fatty acids can be divided into five categories:
·         Oils
·         Nuts and seeds
·         Dark chocolate
·         Olives
·         Avocados

Scientific evidence that MUFA works wonders

According to a recent study, a diet rich in MUFA prevents central fat accumulation. The results are more effective than diets with more carbohydrates and saturated fats of the similar caloric value.
Moreover, the research was continued and some overweight men were selected for a diet comprising of same calorie value of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fat. Those on MUFA diet had a clear decline in accumulated body fat and weight. Hence it was proved that high MUFA diet can lead to a decrease in body fat without changing your total caloric or fat intake.
Monounsaturated fats are your good friends that trigger the release of accumulated belly fat. The only problem is most people don’t use the sources of MUFAs too often.
MUFA act as an elixir to a better and healthy living. Monounsaturated fat foods will not only trigger fat elimination from the belly but also offers other essential nutrients that we rarely incorporate in our diet. Select the MUFA that is easier attainable:


All the different types of vegetable oils have differing health benefits. For instance, the walnut or flaxseed oil furnish a rich source of linolenic acid which is broken down to yield omega-3 fatty acids. Moreover, olive oil will be a source of phytochemicals such as polyphenols that are effective in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Some other oils like canola and sunflower are strong providers of Vitamin E.


Avocados may not be directly linked in cutting belly fats but it indirectly prevents any chances of diseases in overweight individuals. Hence adding it to your diet plan will aid in the flat belly diet. For better taste and effective results, avocados can be added to salads and it will furnish the needed antioxidants and carotenoids.

Dark chocolate

No one expects chocolate to be included in flat belly diet. But it might interest you to know that chocolate has the ability to boost HDL cholesterol. Moreover, the individuals susceptible to different diseases due to belly fat can control their insulin levels and get blood pressure lowered by consuming dark chocolate. So the next time you get a sweet craving, a dark chocolate might not be a bad idea.

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