Friday, May 17, 2013

3 Essentials When Going On a Long Cycling Trip

Camping in the wild has its own charm but most thrill-seekers would love to make it to their favorite spot on a bike. They prefer cycling rather than traveling through mountains on foot. Such an adventure trip requires more stamina but there are three more things to be added in the backpack. 
Shelter (sleeping bag)
That’s right! Without these three elements, the trip can get sour. Of course, there will be some other items of use but the following three are key to your survival.
Water is key to survival
We humans are made of water mostly. We drink it, use it for hygiene, cook in it and even find leisure with it. Naturally, you will find a day without water impossible to spend. According to reliable sources, a liter of water per day per person is adequate for survival purposes. So if you are preparing a bag for yourself keep at least 3 liters worth of water. You can get Nutrition Tips for Long Rides also from your Coach.
It is possible that you find water at several places you stop by or at your destination but in that case, you might be at risk of getting exposed of water that is dirty and unhygienic. Therefore, water purification becomes a necessity for a Bug out Bag. It could be a simple water filter, alum, or water purification tablets like iodine.
For storage of water, you may find disposable water bottles very useful. Alternatively, you may use backpacking bucket to aid your water collection. For using the water for hygiene purposes, make sure that water is clean and safe.
You need energy to keep going on foot. If you are short of that it becomes almost impossible to go further. However, the difficult part is carrying food is not very easy because it adds to the weight. A suitable alternative is to take ready-to-eat meat that can have enough food to suffice for a day. MRE’s meal can last for about 5 years in the original form without getting spoiled and is sufficiently light weight. Nevertheless, you will have to carry more of it depending upon the members you are traveling with. 
For those who want to keep a stock of protein diet, then you can pack lightweight stuff like tuna, energy bars or peanut butter. Canned food is another option but removes it from the can and pack in zip-lock bags to reduce the weight.
Though some people might not agree with this but I would suggest taking multi-vitamins along. Since you have to stay energetic to complete your journey against all odds, these lightweight vitamin supplements will give you the needed boost.
Sleeping bag
When you are out in the open and the temperature is below room temperature, it’s important to stay warm. Your tent can block the winds but the sleeping bag will help you stay warm while sleeping. While not in use, you can keep the sleeping bag in a bivy sack because these are water resistant and don’t let the wind to penetrate.

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