Friday, May 17, 2013

3 Essentials When Going On a Long Cycling Trip

Camping in the wild has its own charm but most thrill-seekers would love to make it to their favorite spot on a bike. They prefer cycling rather than traveling through mountains on foot. Such an adventure trip requires more stamina but there are three more things to be added in the backpack. 
Shelter (sleeping bag)
That’s right! Without these three elements, the trip can get sour. Of course, there will be some other items of use but the following three are key to your survival.
Water is key to survival
We humans are made of water mostly. We drink it, use it for hygiene, cook in it and even find leisure with it. Naturally, you will find a day without water impossible to spend. According to reliable sources, a liter of water per day per person is adequate for survival purposes. So if you are preparing a bag for yourself keep at least 3 liters worth of water. You can get Nutrition Tips for Long Rides also from your Coach.
It is possible that you find water at several places you stop by or at your destination but in that case, you might be at risk of getting exposed of water that is dirty and unhygienic. Therefore, water purification becomes a necessity for a Bug out Bag. It could be a simple water filter, alum, or water purification tablets like iodine.
For storage of water, you may find disposable water bottles very useful. Alternatively, you may use backpacking bucket to aid your water collection. For using the water for hygiene purposes, make sure that water is clean and safe.
You need energy to keep going on foot. If you are short of that it becomes almost impossible to go further. However, the difficult part is carrying food is not very easy because it adds to the weight. A suitable alternative is to take ready-to-eat meat that can have enough food to suffice for a day. MRE’s meal can last for about 5 years in the original form without getting spoiled and is sufficiently light weight. Nevertheless, you will have to carry more of it depending upon the members you are traveling with. 
For those who want to keep a stock of protein diet, then you can pack lightweight stuff like tuna, energy bars or peanut butter. Canned food is another option but removes it from the can and pack in zip-lock bags to reduce the weight.
Though some people might not agree with this but I would suggest taking multi-vitamins along. Since you have to stay energetic to complete your journey against all odds, these lightweight vitamin supplements will give you the needed boost.
Sleeping bag
When you are out in the open and the temperature is below room temperature, it’s important to stay warm. Your tent can block the winds but the sleeping bag will help you stay warm while sleeping. While not in use, you can keep the sleeping bag in a bivy sack because these are water resistant and don’t let the wind to penetrate.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Per Calorie Requirement of Protein

Naturally, many factors may vary the per calorie requirement of protein like the age of the person and the ability of the person to digest the proteins. Also there are disabilities and medical conditions that do not allow the person to consume too much of protein. Based on this conception, it is assumed that larger people and those prone to more physical activities need more calories and therefore the more the calories the more the protein consumption required. In case of cyclists, this amount is increased another fold.
Many of the people around us are hardly conscious of their diet and what they are following without being aware of the amount. They are often unaware that they are consuming a diet that has fewer calories than their body actually needs. This leads to several different kinds of deficiencies like skin problems and hair fall at a small age. 
People who are undergoing some disease or medical condition may require more protein than they are consuming because they are consuming lesser calories. This leads us to another important aspect of the people who are undergoing certain weight loss procedures. The method to determine the right amount of protein intake should be by means of weight for such people and not by means of calories since they ought to be consuming fewer calories to achieve a medically acceptable weight.

Addressing protein deficiency

After research, it has been proven that around ten to thirty five percent of the calories consumed daily are basically proteins. It further leads to the fact that extra proteins consumed can be used for treating obesity problems. It is also proven that excess protein in the body can help against osteoporosis. 
The excess of proteins in the body can be managed through a natural process called gluconeogenesis. In a diet with low carbohydrate contents, this happens very often and the body goes to a phase where protein is degenerated. In this process, glucose is obtained from the proteins. The glucose is then absorbed in the blood at a very low pace and that does not lead to an increase in the blood sugar levels like in case of carbohydrates.

Why Need Proteins?

Proteins are an essential part of the human body and have several important functions that make them very special part of the diet. There are several potential benefits of including proteins in a balanced diet and these are for the purpose of nutrition, and disease prevention etc.

Nutritional Value

Of the many different diet plans, a protein filled diet is the one most recommended by many doctors and nutritionists. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quotes that proteins are made up of several chains of amino acids. In the different cells and tissues these amino acids are further broken down and need to be replaced and that is done through external addition of proteins in the diet.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cyclists Need to Incorporate MUFA’s In Their Diet

Every cyclist is trained since the start of their career to take carbohydrate-rich diet but they take almost zero calories in the form of good fats. Before moving on, I must make it clear that not all fats are bad for health. But the accumulated belly fat is certainly a killer. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that there is no way out and you have to live with it. You can break free of the bad fat circle without ever compromising your lifestyle. If you are cycling for weight loss, adding MUFA’s in the diet will speed-up fat burning. There is a cure to that terrible waistline and the treatment is abbreviated as MUFAs. The monounsaturated fatty acids can be divided into five categories:
·         Oils
·         Nuts and seeds
·         Dark chocolate
·         Olives
·         Avocados

Scientific evidence that MUFA works wonders

According to a recent study, a diet rich in MUFA prevents central fat accumulation. The results are more effective than diets with more carbohydrates and saturated fats of the similar caloric value.
Moreover, the research was continued and some overweight men were selected for a diet comprising of same calorie value of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fat. Those on MUFA diet had a clear decline in accumulated body fat and weight. Hence it was proved that high MUFA diet can lead to a decrease in body fat without changing your total caloric or fat intake.
Monounsaturated fats are your good friends that trigger the release of accumulated belly fat. The only problem is most people don’t use the sources of MUFAs too often.
MUFA act as an elixir to a better and healthy living. Monounsaturated fat foods will not only trigger fat elimination from the belly but also offers other essential nutrients that we rarely incorporate in our diet. Select the MUFA that is easier attainable:


All the different types of vegetable oils have differing health benefits. For instance, the walnut or flaxseed oil furnish a rich source of linolenic acid which is broken down to yield omega-3 fatty acids. Moreover, olive oil will be a source of phytochemicals such as polyphenols that are effective in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Some other oils like canola and sunflower are strong providers of Vitamin E.


Avocados may not be directly linked in cutting belly fats but it indirectly prevents any chances of diseases in overweight individuals. Hence adding it to your diet plan will aid in the flat belly diet. For better taste and effective results, avocados can be added to salads and it will furnish the needed antioxidants and carotenoids.

Dark chocolate

No one expects chocolate to be included in flat belly diet. But it might interest you to know that chocolate has the ability to boost HDL cholesterol. Moreover, the individuals susceptible to different diseases due to belly fat can control their insulin levels and get blood pressure lowered by consuming dark chocolate. So the next time you get a sweet craving, a dark chocolate might not be a bad idea.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Why it’s Crucial to Cycle with the Right Equipment

It seems that cycling has become more than just a fun activity, as more and more people in the UK are swapping their cars for two wheels in order to get to work and improve their overall fitness. New government initiatives such as the ‘Cycle to Work Scheme’, which is aimed at keeping us fit and reducing our carbon emissions, have got people out of their driving routine. Not only that, but after recent historical events, such as the Olympic success of the Great Britain cycling team and Bradley Wiggins becoming the first Brit to win Le Tour de France, a record amount of people have taken up cycling as the popular pastime has become fun again.
Unfortunately though, one of the major disadvantages to cycling is that it doesn’t offer the same protection and advantages that most cars do. That’s why it is incredibly important to take precaution and cycle with the right equipment, because if you are not careful you could end up having a serious injury that could affect the way you live forever. 
As a cyclist it’s not uncommon to be the smallest person on the road, as you constantly have to deal with motorists going at speeds much faster than you as they go about their day. The problem becomes more hazardous in miserable weather and dark nights, as the conditions can make it even harder for other drivers to see you – potentially leading to a serious accident and a bicycle accident claim
Some common tips to protect yourself
If you are deciding to take up cycling, make sure you use the correct equipment to prevent any potential cycling injuries that you might pick up. To help prevent this from happening you need to give yourself access to the best possible safety features available:
·         Safety – When purchasing a new bike you need to ensure that what you are buying is a well-built, robust piece of equipment. Make sure you inspect your bike to ensure that the brakes, tyres and other various safety features are working  to the correct standards that you require – you should always test these before you undertake a long distance cycle
·        Maintenance – Many people feel that a bicycle doesn’t require much in the form of maintenance, but this is simply not the case. Just like a car, you have to ensure it is in top condition before using it in order remain safe – that means checking tyre pressures and ensuring break-lines are connected. Each element of your bicycle needs to be inspected and potentially replaced or fixed if a fault is found
·        Equipment – This means wearing a reliable helmet when you are cycling out on the road as well as ensuring your equipment rack is secure on bumpy surfaces. If you are travelling at night then you need to make sure that you are wearing high visibility clothing so that you can easily be seen by other motorists