Friday, April 19, 2013

Hidden Cycling Dangers You Never Thought About

The roads are the same for everyone including the pedestrians, and car owners but they often present dangers exclusively to the cyclists. Being a legitimate road user, cyclists must be trained about the possibilities of road accidents from various elements that go unnoticed. Various road hazards can lead to accidents and they are especially dangerous for cyclists. Manholes or petrol spills can lead to nasty injuries.
Manhole covers are as slippery as ice

Some roads are bound to have manhole covers. However, the sad part is that manholes are always found in bend or turns which happens to be the path of cyclists. The problem is manhole covers are not meant for grip and traction rather they aim is to provide durability. However, over time, these covers get smooth.
This surface is a potential risk for cyclists who need road traction and grip. Many times, these surfaces go unnoticed before the damage is done. If the weather gets a little naughty, cyclists are further in trouble. The roads get wet and slippery due to rain and the manhole cover acts like a slab of ice.
Petrol makes roads traction free

Not only petrol, there are several other slippery elements on the road that cause a potential decline in road traction. However, it is a real hazard because diesel or oil spills get concealed on the road. Here again, the spills accumulate in places which tend to be the cycling zones. Plus, they are really hard to remove because they don’t evaporate naturally unless excavated.
This is the reason why cyclists have to be very careful around round-abouts, bends and other difficult places. It must be noted that cycling over spilled fuel is not the only concern for cyclists. Even after carefully maneuvering their way pass the spilled fuel, they run the risk of slipping while taking a turn due to the presence of residual fuel on their tire. Moreover, the braking systems are quite close to the road. If this region is coated in fuel, the braking efficiency is hampered.
Steer clear of these concealed dangers on road and your cycling and, this calls for presence of mind. Make sure your eyes are on the road while your hands are on the handle.

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