Friday, March 22, 2013

Is Urban Cycling Better Than Driving Motor Vehicles?

The concerns from exhaust inhalation are not hidden from anyone. The risk of traffic accidents from motor vehicles is another reason why people in some urban areas are reverting to bicycling. A research suggests that the benefits of cycling outweigh its risks. The data from this research implies that with cycling, the risks of accidents and pollution inhalation can be avoided. Plus, there are some health benefits since cycling is a good physical activity.
But that was all boring info, here comes the interesting part. In this research, it was estimated that that if people make a switch from driving car to riding on a cycle regularly, they will gain 3 to 14 months of additional life. Read on for some more benefits you have never considered.

Financial edge

Lack of finances is probably the biggest reason why some people use cycles instead of cars but then there are some fitness enthusiasts who use it for health reasons and found it a much cheaper alternative than vehicles. Every vehicle needs gas and the maintenance cost is high. A short ride to a store in car can cost you a few bucks but a ride on a bicycle will cost you some calories. Now which one would you prefer?

Health Benefits

This is a notable benefit and there is no denying of the fact that all cyclists are smart. Riding a bike regularly will give you cycling training, offer better endurance and you can speed up sometimes for a little cardio as well. An hour of cycling 3 to 4 times a week will help you improve your health immensely. If you can’t give up the comfort of your car completely, then take turns and assigns some days for cycling ride to your work place.

Easy Commuting

Cars can only go through roads but you don’t have any terrain restrictions for cycling. A cycle can go uphill and even through a forests which can be a short cut. Hence a cycle can offer easy commuting facility while offering various health benefits.

Environmental Benefits

This is perhaps the most debated reason of cycling. However, it’s certain that vehicle emissions can be lowered if majority of the population switches to cycles instead of cars. Just by skipping a single day of car ride and using a cycle instead can make a difference in your surroundings.  But it’s not just fuel emissions that pollute the environment, noise has some contribution as well. Using cycles more often can limit that form of pollution to a great extent.

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